ZetaStudios is a dub company that dubbed the Tony-series during 2006-2008. They also produced movies such as Tony in Titanic and Tony and the Alien Chat

Frequent Cast Members Edit

2007 Anti-Gay Scandal Edit

In 2007, ZetaStudios made the short film Homosexuality and Children - Right or wrong? commanded by swedish company Anti-Homo Rörelsen. In 2009, Tony Redaktionen sued Anti-Homo Rörelsen for using the copyrighted Tony characters without permission. ZetaStudios didn't get sued, because they didn't know that they didn't have the copyrights, and actulley thought that Anti-Homo Rörelsen had it.

Critisim Edit

The Company was critised in mid-2008 for their voice actors not fitting the character. They were set to do the dub of Tony's New Schoolife, but only did one episode before getting kicked out from the production. Their dubs got so bad critic that they were redubbed in 2009 (except for Tony and the Alien Chat which kept its orginal dub.

2012- (Nowdays Edit

In 2011, The Tony Team announced that ZetaStudios would produce the new Tony movie Tony and the true love. However, the plot in the movie was changed, and ZetaStudios left the project to instead produce Tony meets Jason. As of 2013, the company still is in buisness.

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