World Ending Nightmare is an episode of Tony's Dreamworld brodcasted 11 April 2014.

Plot Edit

The dream begins with Tony overhearing that the world's ending is coming, and this time for real. After learning this, he rushes first to his mother and then to Cissi (who in this dream lives somewhere else than Tony's home), the group then learns that a group of people is able to escape from the ending inside a rocket, and soon afterwards, Tony learns that he might be able to save the world with a program from the internet while his family decides to try to get into the rocket. The next day, the rocket leaves without the group, leaving them stranded, which Tony's mother isn't to sad about since she doesn't belive in the upcoming ending. Tony understands that the time for destruction is getting closer and closer, and at the same time his father learns about the situation as well. Tony logs into his computer to get the software and finds out that the software he is looking for only exists on thepiratebay. Tony then gets absolute panic when he realizes that the only torrent with the software is dead and won't work. After a couple of hours, the torrent finally starts working and Tony nearly thinks that he is safe from death. However, the torrent stops at 33%, leaving Tony absolutley terrifierd. He walks outside and notices the world ending coming thowards him, he then wakes up inside his dream, and appearntly dreamed about the destruction, only to find out that the world still is coming to an end since it is the day after the rocket left. Soon afterwards, Tony wakes up in the real world, still having a cold and at first he hardly understands that it only was a dream. When he finally realizes it was a dream, he goes back to sleep.

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