This is a page containing characters with their voice actors through the years. NOTE: Only swedish voice actors here.

Tony Edit

  • Malte Andersson (Tony as 1-7 years old Season 1 of Tony's Adventures 1995-2013)
  • Ivar Sandin (Tony as 14-15 years old in newest series)
  • Yohio - Newest feature film from 2013

Michael Edit

Victor Edit

Göran Edit

Jack Edit

Alice Edit

Daphne Edit

Emelie Juneld Edit

Cissi Edit

Björn Edit

Zebastian Edit

Robin Edit

Birgitta Edit

Lampwick Edit

Ross Edit

Emelie Schriever Edit

Philip Edit

Patrick Edit

Ivar Edit

Jonathan Tegelskär Edit

Peter Edit

Martin Almén Edit

Magnus Edit

Gabriel Edit

Pontus Edit

Cesar Edit

Arne Andersson Edit

Camp Max Edit

Svante Edit

Ingela Edit

Charlotte Edit

Benjamin Edit

Maria Edit

Elias Edit

Thomas Edit

Anette Edit

Big Max Edit

Hedil Edit

Mattias Edit

Martin (Team Member) Edit

Åke Edit

Mrs Knutson Edit

Other Swedish Voice Actors Edit


Living la vida kuksson

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