Tony and the true love is a 2012 movie, directed by Jack Nilsson.

Plot Edit

The Plot is set in 2012. Tony feels alone and sad because no girl seems to be intrested in him. Suddenly one day, a new girl named Alice Feldström starts in the class and she soon starts to like Tony, and the two of them starts spending more and more time together, and Alice even joins Tony at Camp and she also follows him to Thorild where she meets Göran and the other school characters, and the two slowly starts to fall in love with each other. However, fellow classmate Rasmus can't accept that a cute girl like Alice thinks a dork like Tony is cuter than him, so he decides to stop their romance. He threatens Otto van Ottosson, a inventor friend of Tony to invent the Destroying Machine (a machine which can destroy anything, even relationships) and tries to shoot Tony and Alice with it. However, he accidentally hits the ground instead, and it starts to break. However, Ottosson also invented The Love Machine in order to stop Rasmus, and together Tony and Alice sets off to save the world.

Cast and Characters (English) Edit

Cast and Characters (Swedish) Edit

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