Tony and the treasure of love (also known in the UK as Tony and the Circle of Love) Swedish title: Tony och kärlekens band is the title of an upcoming 2013 movie, which will premiere on December 20, 2013.

Plot Edit

The Movie's plot will center about Tony and Alice's relationship. It starts at Camp where Tony feels sad because he is turning 18 years old. Soon after his birthday, the meancing villian Mr. X kidnaps him (because he thinks that splitting Tony and Alice up will make them weaker), leading Alice to cross various dangers in order to save him, together with Jack and some other characters from the Tony-world.

Meanwhile, the new member Joel tries to adjust his new life as a team member of the Tony-team.

Confirmed Characters and Voices Edit

Other Cast Members confirmed is: Louise Raeder, Stefan Frelander, Emma Nordling, Henrik Ström, Peter Ström, Staffan Hallerstam, Vendela Duclos, Åsa Bjerkerot, John Jangard, Lina Engström, Frida Malmgren, Annelie Berg, Andreas Nilsson, Niels Pettersson, Jesper Adefeldt and Bobo Eriksson.

English voice cast Edit

Other confirmed voice cast members includes Margot Kidder, Kyle JustinJen Taylor, Thomas Spindler, Rob Paulsen, Jeannie Elias, Tracey Moore, Doug Walker, Talia Shire, Cathy Moriaty, Elizabeth Perkins, Charles Martinet, Rory Thost, Steve Blum, Grey DeLisle, Tara Strong, Frank Welker, Candi Milo, Kath Soucie, Nicole Mills, David Paul Grove, Eddie Deezen, Greg Eagles, Marty Grabstein, Keenan Christenson, Charlie Adler,Leslie Swan, Nolan Nirth, Fred Tatascorie, Samuel Vincent, Jimmy Ahrens, Zachary Gordon, Daniel Hansen, Christopher DeFaria, Linda Ercoli, Erin Chase, Peter Kelamis, Michael Dockery and Ronald B. Ruben.

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