Tony and the Nostalgic Adventure is an upcoming Tony film which premieres 25 April 2014.

Plot Edit

In early 2014, Tony and the rest of the team searches for stuff related to Tony's past. Two of the members Jack and Daphne has been around more time and the others and remebers various things. In order to learn more about the past, Queen Morgana and Snork constructs a machine which can send the team back in the time. However, Bozier (the evil villian from the movie Tony's New Adventures - The Movie takes over the machine and sends the gang back to 2002 and tells them that they must find one thing on each year up to 2014 in order to get back to the future again. As a result, Tony and his friends meet themselves as kids. Back in the future, Tony's and Alice's parents worries for their kids and sets off to rescue them but ends up stuck in early years too. While Tony and his friends and their parents fights to get back to the future, a few of Tony's friends decides to try to reach the machine and bring their friends back, a new adventure has formed.

Cast and Confirmed/Rumored Characters Edit

2014 Edit

2002 Edit

2003 Edit

  • (Same voice actors as in 2002)

2004 Edit

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Other voices Edit

Lizette Pålsson, Per Sandborgh, Andreas Nilsson, Vicki Benckert, Anders Öjebo, Lina EngströmHanna Lövroos, Marie Kühler, Åsa Jonsson, Sharon Dyall, Åsa Bjerkerot

Trivia Edit

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