The Relationship of Tony and Alice.

Beginning Edit

It all begun in 2012 when Alice Feldström started in the team and met Tony for the first time. When she saw him for the first time, she knew it was something special with him but didn't know what. After Tony gave her a tour of the headquarters, she started to get feelings for him which grew bigger and bigger as more time passed. Tony also fell in love with Alice but were to shy to say it. Tony and Alice started to spend more and more time together and one day they met at the dock at the river were they finally managed to confess their feelings for each other. The begun their relationship and shared their first kiss together.

Daphne gets jealous Edit

Before Alice entered the picture, another team member Daphne were in a relationship with Tony. However, shortly before Alice started in the team, Daphne broke up with him after falling in love with Jack instead. Soon afterwards, Tony and Alice fell in love and became a couple. Several months later, Daphne and Jack broke up while Tony and Alice still remained as a couple and Daphne soon realized she still loved Tony. She soon started to act flirtatious against Tony and tried to make him fall in love with her again, but her jealousy ended up starting a giant battle between the two friends, but in the end, Daphne finally realized what she was doing and finally accepted that Tony were in love with Alice and not her, through she still loves Tony and still cares for him.

Villians trying to sabotage the relationship Edit

After a while, Tony and Alice's love for each other grew stronger and stronger and many villians thought that they would be more succesful in deafeating the team if Tony and Alice weren't together. They tried to split them by kidnaping Alice and threat Tony to kill her (and some time this is reversed), but they always failed anyway, as Tony always succeded to rescue his beloved girlfriend.

New Team Members and threats to leave the team Edit

One day, a new team member named Johnny begun in the team and immidatley started to hit on Alice, even through he knew that she already loved Tony. Thanks to a misunderstanding, Tony thought that Alice finally fell for him, and nearly left her as a result. However, another team member named Ross managed to scare Johnny away with his pranks and afterwards, Alice told him that she loves him whatever happends and that no one could ever change that.

At two diffrent times, both Tony and Alice got a offer to begin in the other Tony-team led by Hilda.

When Alice was about to leave, she remembered how much she loved Tony and was absolutley heartbroken when she saw how sad Tony were over his loss of her. When she later saw a boy similar to Tony while waiting for the bus to take her to the new team, she decided to stay with her boyfriend.

The Story with Tony is similar, but when he realizes that Alice will be heartbroken forever, he panicks when he realizes that he can't turn down the offer about the new job because he signed a contract, forcing him to begin at the other team. When calling Hilda to tell her about the situation, she informs him that nobody from her team called him, which causes Tony to realize that he was tricked by a prankcaller and he stays with Alice.

The Relationship today Edit

As of April 2014, they still love each other very much and promised each other to live together forever.

Small hints has been spread that Tony and Alice soon might get engaged.

The Relationship in the future Edit

In the year 2017, Tony and Alice was seen marrying each other. At first, Tony was reluctulant to have kids, but after a party in 2020, while celebrating Alice's 25th birthday, she "accidentally forgot" to protect herself and got pregnant. She later gave birth to Henrik, and 17 years later, she was also the mother of Eva and Josh. By the year 2037 (both Tony and Alice was 42 years old this year) they still loved each other deeply and their love was just as strong as it were during the time they first met.

They most likely lived together until they died of old age, but this is unconfirmed.

Other versions Edit

  • In Tony and the true love and it's two direct-to-video sequels, Alice isn't a new team member, but a new student who falls in love with Tony.

Variants of the relationship story Edit

  • In some versions, Ross does some kind of prank which causes Tony to think that Alice doesn't love him.
  • In some versions, Tony and Daphne is still a couple when Alice starts in the team.
  • In a few versions, Tony and Daphne has not been a couple at all.
  • In some versions, Alice falls in love with Jack first and not Tony until later on.

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