This is a list over Tony's technical stuff.

Computers Edit

  • The Original Computer (20??-2006) - Tony's first known computer. The OS was Windows 98. It was crashed and destroyed after Tony overloaded it with files.
  • The Nostalgic Computer (2006, 2007-2008, 2012, 2013, 2014-) The Oldest computer alive. The OS is Windows 2000. The Original computer was destroyed in 2006 in a incident similar to the one that crashed the first computer, but it was re-buildt by Inge-Mats in 2007 and most of the files was saved.
  • Cissi's computer (2007) - Cissi's old computer which Tony got when she got Tony's Mother's computer. It wasn´t destroyed, but was given back to Cissi after her computer was destroyed by thunder. Tony instead continued to use The Nostalgic Computer.
  • The Memory Computer (2008-2011) The computer where most of the Samsung-camera images were saved until Tony was forced to delete them in 2009 due to low disc space. It was replaced by the School computer in 2011 and was nearly destroyed by a Virus the same year. In 2012, it was finally destroyed by another virus.
  • The School Computer (2011-2012) One of very few computers to not get destroyed. It was Tony's School Computer and when the semester eneded in summer 2012, Tony had to give it back and therefore lost it. Also the first laptop Tony owned.
  • Alice (computer) (2012-2014) This computer was bought in 2012 after Tony had to return his school computer to the school. It was destroyed twice. First in 2013 when Tony ignored a virus warning in order to download music from Spotify. It was fixed with a new hard drive but was eventually destroyed again in January 2014 after Tony either got a new virus or destroyed the hard drive by hammering on the keyboard after getting angry at his failed attempt to jailbreak his ipad.

Cameras Edit

  • Logitech Clicksmart 420 (2005-2006, 2012-) This camera is also known as "The Logitech Camera". It's a Camera/Webcamera that Tony's father got as a free gift from a swedish telephone company called Telia. When he got a new camera in 2005, he gave this camera to Tony who used it until early spring 2006 when he accidentally destroyed by putting it in a waterbarrel which he did in order to test if it was waterproof. It worked until early summer 2006 when it finally was destroyed. It appeared to work in mid-2007 when Tony was able to take a few pictures before it shut down for good. In 2012, Tony bought another Logitech camera from Germany on eBay which he still uses as of 2014.
  • The Nostalgic Camera (2006-2009) This camera was bought Tony after he inadvertly destroyed his old camera when trying to find out if it was waterproof (which it wasn't). This is currently the only camera which wasn't able to record video with audio. At the end in 2009, it was so timeworn that it needed several straps to be held. In august 2009, it was finally trashed after being in too bad shape.
  • The Avant Camera (2007) - A Camera that Tony got on Christmas Eve 2007 because he was jealous at his sisters camera. It was destroyed one week later on New Years Eve when Tony accidentally dropped it on the ground while filmning the fireworks.
  • The Samsung Camera (2008-2009) Tony got this camera for his 13th birthday on September 8th 2008. Tony used it many times in school in order to record the music lessions. In early 2009, it begun to stop working and in mid-march 2009 it stopped working completly for unknown reasons.
  • Cissi's camera (2009) This was Cissi's camera that Tony borrowed during summer 2009. It was destroyed in December 2009 after Tony used it wearing gloves covered in sand.
  • The Second Samsung Camera (2010-2012) - The Second Samsung Camera. Tony got it in early may 2010 and used it during Disney on Ice 2011. It still works but the screen is broken which makes it impossible to see what you are taking photos off.
  • The HD Camera (2013) This Camera got it's name from the fact that it was able to film HD video. It was accidentally destroyed one month later when Tony attempted to take a picture of himself when he was on camp using the self-timer. Even through it is destroyed, it might be fixed in the future using right tools.

Other stuff Edit

`*The Logitech QuickCam Express Camera - The Logitech Webcam that Tony discovered in 2010.

  • The Dictaphone - A portable microphone which Tony used 2009-2010. Tony accidentally lost it in the woods during a school task in late September 2010.

`�*The First iPad - the Ipad Tony got from School 2012-2013.

  • Tony's iPad - Tony's own iPad that he got for Christmas in 2013. In January 2014, it was accidentally temporary destroyed when Tony failed to do a jailbreak on it. However, Sebbe told Tony that he was able to fix it.
  • Tony's Mobile - A Samsung Galaxy mobile phone that Tony got on his 16th birthday on September 8th 2011.

Stuff belonging to Tony's family Edit

  • The Nostalgic Parent Computer - It´s currently unknown when this computer debuted. It was Tony's mother's computer and Tony recorded the Tant Rut videos on that computer. When she got a new computer in 2007, it was given to Cissi. However, it was destroyed when a lightning bolt striked the power line it was attrackted to.
  • Mother's Computer - Mother's new computer which she got in 2007. She still has it as of 2014.
  • Father's camera - Tony´s fathers camera. It's unknown if it still is active.

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