Tony's All-New Adventures is a 2013 television series, set to premiere Saturday, September 7, 2013. It is based on the film Tony in the future and the series will describe Tony and Alice Feldström as adults. The first season will mostly focus on Tony and Alice, while their first child is born at the first season's end.

Plot Edit

We begin our story in 2017, when Tony and Alice (both 23 years old) decides to marry eachother. We also follow Tony around his world and meet the now adult characters from the Tony franchise. At the first seasons end, Alice gets pregnant and later gives birth to their first child, a boy which gets the name Henrik. In Season 2, the plot now takes place 17 years later, and now, Henrik has got two siblings, 15 year old Eva and 12-year old Josh.

Episodes Edit

Voice Actors (Swedish) Edit

Voice Actors (English) Edit

Other Voices confirmed: Josh Keenan, Peter Kelamis, David Paul Grove, Rob Paulsen, Tony SampsonDan MilanoMike Pearson, Rory Thost, Zachary Gordon, Carolyn Gardner, Tracey Moore, Jen TaylorThomas Spindler, Jeff Bennett, Mark Nelson, Wendee Lee, Tara Strong, Ben Diskin, Nicky Jones, E.G Dailey

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