The Wiking Market is a market which takes place the last friday in April, July and October every year.  It starts at The Ytterby Street and ends at the end of The Wiking Street, hence it's name.

Role in the series Edit

Tony is a frequent visitor of the market. He always visits The Comic Book Guy voiced by Marty Grabstein and listens to funny comments from the Box Yelling Guy voiced by Peter Kelamis

Tony only missed the market once, it was the april market 2012, which he missed due to a fever he catched the same day. The April Market often takes place on the same day as the camp is, (such as April Market 2009, April market 2012) and many diffrent characters from the Tony-world can be spotted in the various episodes of the market.

In the October market 2007, Tony and Martin Almenius was seen walking around the market place before it opened.

In the July market 2011, Tony was seen sending out Ross, Lampwick and Thomas to keep an eye on the market.

He was also seen visiting the market alongside Alice Feldström, his girlfriend in the episodes from 2013.

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