The Elves is a camp group. The others are The Wasters and The Swallows. Tony started at the camp after he hate his other camp.

Current Kids Edit

Former Kids Edit

  • Ludwig - 2009 (Quit after 2 camps)
  • William - 2009-2010 (Quit after the Summercamp 2010).
  • Carl - 2010-2011 (Quit after the February Camp 2011).
  • Mattis - 2010 (Quit after the Summercamp 2010)
  • Sebastian - 2010 (Quit after three camps due to bullies)
  • Loke - 2009-2012, was moved to another camp.
  • David - 2011-2012, was moved to another camp.
  • Eveline - 2011-2012, was moved to another camp.

Current Leaders Edit

Former Leaders Edit

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