The Beginning of a Lovestory is a special episode which tells the story about how Tony and Alice Feldstöm met eachother.  This special was featured on the dvd Tony & Alice's Greatest Hits, together with another version of the episode, named "Tony and Alice's backstory".

Plot Edit

The Story takes place in april 2012. Alice joins the team and soon falls in love with Tony, who shares her feelings, however, neither of them is able to confess. 2 months after Alice started in the team, Tony's best friend and sidekick Jack tries to persuade Tony into asking Alice for a date, not knowing that fellow member Daphne tries to do the same to Alice. The Next day, Tony proceeds to do so, but before he can ask Alice, Ross pulls out one of his jokes which ends with the whole kitchen exploding. After Tony accidentally made a fool of himself, Alice giggles at him, thinking he is cute whenever he is screwing up. However, Tony inadvertly thinks that Alice thinks he is a fool and runs off heartbroken. After Ross learns what Tony was going to ask, he realizes that you can't be funny all the time, and deeply regreting what he did. Later, Ross apologizes to Tony, and Tony tells him that he not is angry at him, but at himself for making a fool of himself in front of Alice, also telling him that he is shure that Alice thinks that he is a fool. However, what they don't know is that Alice overhears their conversation and runs off in tears. Later on, she is comforted by Daphne, who tells her to invite Tony to The Pier in order to confess her feelings for him, to which she accepts and therefore, she leaves a note on Tony's bed. Later on, Tony finds the letter, and first, he wonders if he really should go, but finally, he decides to do so, and therefore he heads off to the pier. At the pier, Alice waits for him, and finally confesses, that she loves him, and also that she don't think he is a fool, ending with asking if she can be his girlfriend. Chocked and paralyzed at first, Tony can only grunt for answer, before regaining his speech, answering her question with a yes. Soon afterwards, the couple share their first kiss before cuddling in the night. However, little do they know that two people spies at them in the woods, and finally, this two people is reaveled to be Jack and Daphne who brings presents to them both. However, it turns out that it was Ross who bought the items with his own money, because he felt ashamed for destroying Tony's question, however, he is forgiven, and the rest of the night, the group enjoys themselves, eating food, talking, and during the whole night, neither Tony or Alice leaves each others sight.

Voice Cast (english) Edit

This special episode features new voice actors for all the characters.

Voice Cast (swedish) Edit

When the episode was dubbed in swedish, the voice actors where new here as well.

Diffrences between the two versions Edit

  • In the other version, Tony accidentally trips on a thread Ross put up, which causes him to fall into some traps, rather than getting elecututed.
  • The Scene where Alice overhears Ross and Tony talking, is in the other version replaced with a scene with Jack and Daphne talking instead.
  • The other version had Alice giving some flowers to Tony that only grew on special places. Ross anonymusly borrowed a travel machine from Professor, and then (anonymously) asked Jack and Daphne to write the letters and place them and the flower.

Trivia Edit

  • This version is the most loved of the two, and is more often referenced as the true backstory.

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