The Awful Prankster Party is a 2013 episode of Tony's Dreamworld.

Plot Edit

In this episode, Tony and his mother gets invited to a big fancy party. First, Tony meets various relatives, such as Roger, Pernilla and Mari, and first, he enjoys the party, until Tony's mother starts to play pranks on the guests (including coluring a man green, making him think that he is sick). Suddenly, the whole party is ruined, and all guests is busy with trying to free themselves from the traps or screming in terror. Tony and his mother soon realizes that they must escape from the party, and narrowly does so, because their relatives tries to capture them. However, Tony loses his shoe and goes inside the house again to get it, and is stared out by his relatives, and Tony asks them to forgive his mother before leaving again. Later, Tony and his mother is back home again, and the next morning, they read about it in the newspaper, and learns that several people where sent to hospital thanks to the injuries get got from the pranks, which causes Tony's mother to feel a little remorse. The dream ends with Tony and his mother visiting another party, however, Tony's mother is masked in order to not get caught for her jokes during the first party.

Characters Edit

Swedish voices Edit

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