Drottning Morgana (En: Queen Morgana) is the Queen of the planet Moagorf. She is one of the main characters in the Tony in Space series and the main villian in the first movie.

Character Background Edit

Morgana's father King of Moagorf was a big leader who many thought was the biggest leader ever. When Morgana was a young girl, the Gorfs had a race against the Morfids to a planet. The Winner of the race won the planet and after a long battle the race was won by the gorfs. However, the leader of the Morfids, Gamo was at the time pocessed by the eviliest creature in the whole galaxy Bozier which made him evil. When Morgana was in her late teens, her father died in a battle with a unknown creature and Morgana's mother died of greif shortly afterwards and therefore Morgana was the new Queen. However, Bozier pocessed her too and made her transform into a evil powerhungry dictator. Later, two friends named Tony and Jack accidentally ends up on a nearby planet after their homebuildt rocket crashed on it, and when trying to find a way back to earth again, they meet Snork who promises to help them if they defeat Morgana. Later on, Tony and Jack manages to break Bozier's spell and Queen Morgana was turned into a good creature again and restored peace to the planet. Thanks to this, Tony, Jack and their other friends became friends of Morgana and Snork and often assisted them whenever danger was ahead.

Character Edit

Morgana is a very caring creature who wants everyone to be happy. She is also very skilled in techonlogy and often invents various machines that helps her to defend and rule her planet. She does also care a lot about earth and it's citizens and also helps Tony and his friends whenever they need her.

Appearences outside Tony in Space Edit

Outside her regular franchise, she (together with Snork) appeared in Tony and the true love helping out with locating the place where The Love Machine should be placed. They also prevented Rasmus from escaping during the final battle.

She and Snork also appeared in Tony's New Adventures - The Movie where they help Tony and his friends solve the mystery. They also find out that Gamo was good the whole time and that he was pocessed by the same person who pocessed Morgana in the first movie. It's also rumored that she will appear in Tony and the Nostalgic Adventure.

Voice Actors Edit

She was voiced by Lizette Pålsson until 2013, and nowdays she is voiced by Louise Raeder although Annelie Berg is rumored to be her voice actor in Tony and the Nostalgic Adventure

In the english version, she is voiced by Grey DeLisle

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