Background information
Feature films *Tony on Camp - The Movie
Television programs *Tony on Camp
Video games
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
English Voice *Zachary Gordon
Swedish Voice *Peter Kvintberg (2010-2013)
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Fille
Personality Wise-cracking, Rude, Hyperactive, Violent, Funny, Cocky, Mean, Good, Unsympatic
Birthday April 1998 (age 16)
Occupation Student
Affiliations Bad, later Neutral
Goal To bully Tony (formely)

To leave the camp (formely)

Home Kingalv
Relatives *Linda (mother)
Pets Neo (cat)
Allies Tony (sometimes), Andreas Millson, Emil, Sander, Patrick, Big Max, Emelie, Anders, Jonte, Augustus, Ivar, Sandra, Carl, Loke, David
Minions Andreas and Emil
Enemies Tony (sometimes), Little Max, Oscar, Sebastian Gabbeson, Nicklas, Madde, Eveline
Likes Pranking/Bullying Tony, Swearing, Computer games, LOL, his friends, telling Tony that he is a failure
Dislikes Tony winning over him, Tony being immature, his mother (at times), food
Powers and abilities Strong fists, is able to knock out people and give them a brain shake with one hit.
Weapons His fists, his feet
Fate Reforms and becomes an pn/off alley of Tony
Love Interest(s) *Josefin
  • Tilda
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color
Weaknesseses Being tickled
Quote *"Say walla!"
  • "You're bluffin!"
  • "Admit, it's cool!"

Philip is a former antagonist in the series Tony on Camp.

Biography Edit

Philip started out as a enemy to Tony and Tony often called him an older version of William who left the camp the same year as Philip started.  He didn't hestitate about using violence, such as punching Tony everytime he did something that Philip didn't like.  Around a season after he started, Tony and Philip made peace and became friends instead, even through Philip still bullies Tony at times.

Relationships to other characters Edit

Tony Edit

At first, they didn't get along at all, and just bullied each other, but later on they became friends instead as they shared similar intrests. However, Philip still thinks he's better than Tony and often tells him that he's more mature than Tony, even through it's not entirely true. He also still punches Tony whenever he wants to, and openly tells Tony that he is embaressed of him and that his other friends thinks of him as a wacko, because of the silly stories that Philip tells about him. He tries to tell Tony what to do but accidentally tells him the wrong things and often complains about his bad sides and rarely cheers at his good sides, a thing that Tony is mad about.

Andreas Edit

Philip seems to be a close friend of Andreas, they are seen together every camp and Andreas is the only one in the camp that aren't affected by his unmature side.

Emil Edit

Philip knew Emil before he started at the camp, and explained that he acctulley used to bully Emil, and once he punched Emil hard in the head after he thought he was going to steal his now ex-girlfriend, causing him to be not only knocked out, but also get a brain shake. However, in the new series they seem to be friends again even through Emil's mother appears to still be angry at him.

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