Nina Björkskär, born 21 October 1995 is a swedish voice actress. She is the current voice of Alice Feldström.

Behind-The-Scenes Edit

In Mid-2013, Camilla Roos was dropped of the cast because Alice got a new english voice which sounded nothing like Roos. While the team searched for a new Alice voice, Louise Ivarsson took over the role for a brief time. In the end of September 2013, Nina Björkskär (at the time 17 years old) auditioned for the role and immidatly won the hearts of the judges. Her first time as Alice was in the Tony on Camp episode The Alone Guy and the Five-Man-Battle.

In February 2014, she had to leave the role because she moved away to study. She was replaced by Cecilia Dahlberg.

Trivia Edit

  • Nina Björklund's appearence is very similar to her role character, they has the same hair length, eye and hair color and the same type of nose.

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