Logitech Clicksmart 420 (most known as The Logitech Camera) is the camera Tony had 2005-2006. It was then destroyed by pure accident. In 2012, Tony bought a new one.

The Item's role Edit

The Item was first seen around 2002-2003 in the possesion of Tony's father who got this camera as a free gift from a swedish mobile company named Telia. During late fall 2005, he got a new camera and gave this camera to Tony who happily accepted it and took it on many adventures. On December 6, 2005, the camera was featured in Tony's Schoolife and Tony also recorded the Tant Rut videos using this camera on December 16, 2005. During early spring 2006, Tony took the camera with him when the family went to the small garden, Tony decided to test if the camera was waterproof by putting it in a barrel filled with water. However, it wasn't waterproof but was saved, however the camera was damaged and created color errors whenever the light was bright. Around May 2006, it shut off completly and refused to work with any of the computers. In July 2006, Tony got a new camera, but never forgot about his old camera. Only a few months after the camera was destroyed, the computer hosting all the files created by it was destroyed as well, but some of the pictures was saved to Tony's new computer. In late 2006, this computer was destroyed as well and it seemed like the material from the camera was gone forever, however, the neighboor Inge-Mats succeded in saving the computer and Tony at least had some of the old camera pictures left.

Searching for a new Logitech Camera Edit

The Following years, Tony got many cameras who technically was better than the Logitech camera, but Tony never managed to forget the happy feeling he had when using the camera. In 2009 (when he was 14 years old) he started searching on the net after the camera but failed. In 2011, he once again tried, and nearly failed this time too. However, in late January 2012, he finally found one in Germany and bought it. It debuted in the episode brodcasted February 3th, 2012.

In 2013, Tony's then official camera, the HD Camera, suddenly broke when it fell down from a place where Tony placed it to take a picture with the self-shutter. The Logitech Camera then became the official camera temporaily until Tony got his iPad back from his school.

In 2014, it seemed like the camera broke once again, as it refused to start up. However, the camera isn't officially declared dead as of March 2016

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