This is a list of the characters with their voice actor in the television series Tony on Camp. NOTE: Only Swedish actor will be here.

Tony Edit

Philip Edit

Patrik Edit

Ivar Edit

Madeleine Edit

Nicklas Edit

Emelie Edit

Big Max Edit

Anders Edit

Loke Edit

Eveline Edit

David Edit

Little Max Edit

Andreas (Season 5-) Edit

Jonathan Edit

Emma Edit

Mattis Edit

Carl Edit

Ludwig Edit

William Edit

Oscar Edit

Sander Edit

Sandra Edit

Sara Edit

Sofia Edit

Daniel (leader) Edit

Ulrika Edit

Christina Edit

Christian Edit

Andreas (leader) Edit

Johan (leader) Edit

Mikaela (Andreas girlfriend) Edit

Arne Andersson Edit

Daniel (deceased) Edit

Alexander Edit

Andreas (Kid) Edit

Niklas (kid) Edit

Peter Edit

Mattias Edit

Other Characters and Voices Edit

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