Evelina (formerly Jennifer), Born 1995 was a regular character in the first season of Tony's All-New Schoolife.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about Jennifer's past, except she had it tough. During the first half of the year, she was pretty friendly thowards Tony, and also, she didn't reavel to Emelie Junelight that Tony was in love with her when she learned his secret, however, in the end of January 2012, she however acted angry thowards him because of an misunderstanding which led to Tony not wanting to speak to her, being afraid of getting into more trouble. During the first season, she was a pretty good friend of Emelie Junelight as well as Robin. Jennifer, was however absent during February-May 2012 thanks to an unknown hospital visit. In season 2, she rarley appeared, and only did so a few times during the first part of the year. During September 2012, she seemed to have no problem with talking with Tony, even through she still acted weird thowards him. Later that year, around January 2013, Jennifer returned to the school, but immidatly went into a confrontation with Robin, who earlier snapped her of when she wished him a merry christmas, months after they had lost contact. This conflict also led Jennifer to yell high at Robin, and also to act cocky thowards Elias, but she attempted to continue with her studies from the previous year. During late April 2013, Charlotte reaveled that Jennifer finally wrote herself of the school forever. As of July 2013, she has changed her name to Evelina instead, and now lives in an apartment with her boyfriend, and is also working. During April 2013, both Tony and Robin expressed confusion when they found out that Jennifer now lived without her parents and was working like an adult.

Voice Edit

Her voice was provided by Emma Nordling in all her appearences.

Trivia Edit

  • Along with Benjamin, she was the only one to not appear in Tony and the true love.
  • To date, it's currently unknown if Jennifer/Evelina is counted as a friend or enemy to Tony, most likley, she is neutral.


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