Henrik Jähnke
Background information
Feature films *Tony in the future
Television programs *Tony's All-New Adventures
Video games
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
English Voice *Aaron Henderson
Swedish Voice *Tony Jähnke
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Henrik Göran Jähnke
Other names
Personality Brave, Inteligent, Hyperactive, Caring, Loving, Funny, Cocky, Rude, Nice, Sweet
Birthday December 2020.
Occupation Student at Mimers Hus.
Affiliations Good
Home Kungälv
Relatives Tony (father)
Pets Mitzi III
Allies Robin's kids, Zebastian's kids, Elias kids, Jack, Daphne, Lampwick, his family
Minions None known
Enemies Bozier (presumbly)
Likes His family, computers, movies
Dislikes His diagnosises
Powers and abilities
Fate Presumbly grows up
Love Interest(s) None known
Hair Color Light Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Quote "Nice father!"

Henrik 'Jähnke is the future son of Tony and Alice Feldström, who appears in the future related stories.

Biography Edit

Henrik was born in December 2020, as seen in the last episode of the first season in the television show Tony's All-New Adventures. However, in the second season, 17 years has passed since Alice gave birth to him, and he is reaveled to have AD/HD and Asperger witch he got from his father. At age 17, he nearly looks identical to Tony, however, he has his mother's hair and eye color instead of Tony's.

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