The Cute Model (Gilia), born 18 January 1988 is a unnamed cute model who Tony watches on a girl webcam site. She has blonde hair, brown eyes and strawberry red lips. She is very similar to Alice Feldström in the future series. She appearntly lives in Canada and speaks five languages fluently. (English, Spanish, Italian, French and German)

Voice Actor/Actor Edit

In the English version, the unnamed model is voiced by Kelly Davis. In the Swedish version (which is the orginal) the model seen on the screen as well as her voice is Jenny Lindström. Lindström talked English in the Swedish dub even through it was a swedish dub, however, her lines were subtitled instead.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike other models at the same site who shows themselves naked and rubs their breasts in front of the camera, she remains dressed most of the time, and when she changed clothes during the time Tony watched her, she even put a chair in front of her to censor her body.
  • Rumors says she will appear in a future Tony-film.

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