Camp Climbing is an 2015 episode of Tony's Dreamworld.

Plot Edit

The dream begins with Tony and his friends on Camp, which is set at a place that seems to be a mix-up of Sundhammar and Eggdale. During this Camp, it's annonuced that Tony's old friends Michael and Victor will start at the camp. Later that night, Tony goes for a walk together with Patrick, Philip, Emil and Michael, and while walking, they run into Dag-Otto, a character from multipe swedish stageplays, who talks nonsense stuff with the gang. After that, the group walks in the woods, and eventually sees a weird town with a huge rock mounument in the center, which is placed between two houses. Just as they exit the woods, Patrick manages to persuade Tony into playing a prank on Michael. The two of them manages to convince Michael to climb up to the top of the giant rock, and promises him that he will get something if he manages to reach the top. Michael gladly accepts and runs off before Tony and Patrick could stop him, however Patrick is convinced that Michael will return when he finds out that it was too hard to climb up. As time passes, the group waits for Michael by a house, and Tony (who is afraid to catch a glimpse of Michael possibly falling to his death from the rock) hides behind a brick wall, while Philip and Emil discuss Michael's possible fate. After a few hours, the group decides to go back to the camp, and while Tony asks if they should check if Michael is okay, Patrick replies that Michael will come back to the camp alone later. The next day, Tony asks if Michael did return, but Patrick (who starts to get worried) answers no, Tony starts fearing that Michael died when climbing up the rock. We then get a montage about what happened next. The police arrived after Michael didn't show up, and searched the rock and the terrain around it, without finding anyone at all. They however assume that Michael either is dead or just lost somewhere. The montage then ends and the episode cuts to Tony in his kitchen about a week later, and Michael was presumed dead. We then see Tony talk to Jack about that he feels guilty about Michael's demise, even through Patrick said most of the things that led Michael into climbing the rock. He also remembers that Michael's possible death weren't the only death he made, and that he also (for unknown reasons) killed a Merida/Rapunzel cross-over by firing an arrow into her chest. Tony then thinks about how he will go on with his guilt, and after that he wakes up, but is still dreaming. He says that it was only a dream and that he didn't kill anyone, and then he wakes up in the real world.

Cast (Swedish Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The episode most likely takes place in April-May as Michael's demise takes place in the night, and the sun still where up.
  • This was Michael's first role since his cameo appearence in Tony's All-New Schoolife. It was also Martin Persson's first role after his retirement.
  • Originally, the dream was much darker. Patrick did actulley intende to trick Michael into death, and showed no remorse when he found out about Michael's demise. Also, the girl who Tony kills was in the first script supposed to be one of the camp members. Also, Michael's death was originally comfirmed by the police, but the production team later choosed to leave Michael's fate unconfirmed to let the auidence decide if Michael died or survived.

Diffrences between the real series and this episode Edit

  • None of the places except Tony's house exists in the series, however the Camp place is a mixture of Sundhammar and Eggdale.
  • Both Michael and Victor was in another camp.
  • Philip appears, even through he left the camp.

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