Box Yelling Guy is a middle aged man who travels with The Wiking Market. He sells various items which can be found in boxes spread around his spot, which usally can be located between the pingst church and the old commun house. He frequently yells funny, random and sometimes annoying things to custumers walking around, watching his products, including Tony and his mother. In one episode, he even called Tony's mother "little dolly" leading Tony to ask himself if the guy were crazy. It also appears that he doesn't remember the most frequent custumers at his spot, since Tony always bought something from there until 2012, however, it can be assumed that he did recognize Tony, but where to busy to show it.

In 2012 episodes, he doesn't have the same energy that he had in previous seasons, although in the newer 2013 episodes, he is back to normal again (however, in the latest episodes taking place at the Wiking market, Tony only passed him without even looking at his products, simply saying that they are plastic crap that breaks the moment when you come home)

Trivia Edit

  • In the English version, the Box Yelling Guy is voiced by Peter Kelamis
  • In the Swedish version, the Box Yelling Guy is voiced by Hans Gustafsson

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