Anne Feldström
Background information
Feature films Tony's New Adventures - The Movie
Television programs
Video games Lego Tony - The Many Adventures of Tony
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Kath Souice
English Voice
Swedish Voice TBA
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Anne Feldström
Other names Alice's mother
Personality Loving, Caring, Motherly, Protective, Sweet, Nice
Birthday Sometime in the 1960s-1970s.
Occupation Unknown
Affiliations Good
Goal To make sure her daughter is happy
Home Kungälv
Relatives Dennis Feldström (husband), Alice Feldström (daughter), Tony (son-in-law), Henrik (grandson), Josh (grandson), Eva (granddaughter)
Allies Tony, Jack, Daphne, Ross, Thomas, Lampwick, Professor
Likes Her husband, Her daughter, Tony
Dislikes Her daughter kidnapped, Villains
Powers and abilities
Fate Happily reunites with her daughter.
Love Interest(s) Alice's father Dennis (husband)
Hair Color Red/Blonde
Eye Color Green
Quote "I really hope you'll find her"

Anne Feldström is the mother of Alice Feldström. She appears in the 2013 feature film Tony and the treasure of love.

Appearence Edit

She looks very much like her daughter. She has the same hair length and color, the same smile and the same nose.

Role Edit

She will appear in the upcoming film Tony and the treasure of Love together with her husband. She also appears in the future series, attending Tony and Alice's wedding (were she is seen crying tears of joy) and later learns that Alice is pregnant which makes her happy.

Tony's All-New Adventures Edit

She will also appear together with her husband in the series Tony's All-New Adventures which takes place in the future.

Trivia/Info Edit

  • She and Alice's Father is the only parents (except Tony's) of the Tony Team to appear so far.