Anna Engh (neé Nordell) born 1982 is a swedish singer and voice actor. She is also a musican under her stage name "Anorah".

She is the swedish voice of Ben Tennyson in Ben 10, Chuckie Finster in All Grown Up! and the current swedish voice of Daisy Duck.

In the Tony-world, she is the voice of Madeleine in the camp-franchise and was the voice of Anna Severus during the first season of Tony's All-New Schoolife.

She also voiced Tony a couple of times.

Intrestingly, she voiced Chuckie Finster in the swedish dub of All Grown Up, and Hasse Jonsson who voiced Chuckie in the swedish dub of the original Rugrats series also provided the voice for Tony a brief time 2007-2008.

She is married to Samuel Engh.

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